University College London

UCL is one of the world's leading universities, founded in London to open up education to all on equal terms, and to bring the benefits of learning to society. Established in 1826 to open up education in England for the first time to students of any race, class or religion, UCL was also the first university to welcome female students on equal terms with men.

UCL Industrial Doctorate Centre in Virtual Environments, Imaging & Visualisation

The VEIV Industrial Doctoral Training Centre (iDTC) supports doctoral training and research related to virtual envirornments, imaging and visualisation. We offer Engineering Doctorate and PhD programmes, which are both for high-flying Research Engineers who wish to pursue doctoral-level research. Each student is co-funded through academic funding and industrial sponsorship, typically on a 50/50 basis.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency for Great Britain and is one of the world's largest producers of maps. OS has an active research programme aimed at improving the organisations capability and efficiency, as well as helping to develop and expand the use of geographic information in Great Britain.

UK 3DGIS Special Interest Group

The 3D GIS Special Interest Group (3D GIS SIG) is a newly formed group within the AGI. At present, it is a small, but active SIG, bringing together academics and industry professionals interested in 3D GIS. The group organises meet-ups and events as well as keeping members informed through various online forums.

The 3D GIS SIG’s mission is to facilitate the advancement and promotion of 3D Geographic Information Systems in the United Kingdom through the following objectives:-

  • Provision of a forum for organisations and industry professionals to share 3D GIS experience and knowledge
  • Provide best practice leadership and guidance on 3D GIS in the UK
  • Raise awareness of 3D GIS including data, software and applications
  • Provide software, data and real world case studies to highlight the applications and examples of 3D GIS usage and potential in the UK


EPSRC is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £800 million a year in a broad range of subjects – from mathematics to materials science, and from information technology to structural engineering.